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Major Things You Should Do in Bangkok


You just made the right decision to take a vacation. Spend your most treasured days in Bangkok, Thailand with a blast. Screw tired feet and legs, there are more time for those later when you get home. Make sure you transform yourself to a super human when traveling this city because it can make you preoccupied with its itineraries that will suck up the last drop of your remaining energy. Brace yourself and get ready.

Shop Till You Drop

Bangkok offers great places where you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and loved ones. You could use some of your haggling power to save some money. That’s the advantage of high competition among the numbers of vendors looking into attract customers. You could choose from so many accessories, dresses, shoes, bags, and you name it, you can get them all here. We suggest that you don’t buy only in one place, because shopping centers are everywhere in Bangkok so spend wisely. If you can’t decide where to start first, you can start with Asiatique. It is a gem located 10 minutes away from Saphan Taksin BTS Station. It offers thousands of boutiques and has a night market. We’re sure that shopping will make you hungry so don’t worry because the place has lined up restaurants for you to choose from.

Forget The Diet, It’s Your Cheat Day

Bangkok experience will not be complete without giving in to Thai food. The city has great numbers of restaurants and street vendors to offer you authentic Thai food. It depends on your budget on how you want to spend it, but really, it’s not a problem here because the food are amazingly cheap. You can buy yourself a decent meal with just your $3 or less, imagine that? You can visit our post about where to eat in Bangkok, you can try these recommendations from us. We took hours to decide which restaurants to be added on the list so we are sure you are not going to regret it.

Tours and Endless Walking

Don’t go just for the usual tours. Try The Khlongs of Thonburi boat tour. It won’t cost you big amounts of money to afford this tour. Unlike the usual tours in Bangkok, they offer you an honest tour to show you what it feels like to live among the Thais. Please don’t miss out the view of Temple of Dawn in the sunset, that’s the time they turn the lights on to highlight the wonderful lighting of the temple. It offers you a nostalgic feeling, we don’t know why it’s nostalgic but our group agreed we all felt the same thing.

Get A Massage

It could be a tiring day. So pamper yourself with a Thai massage. If you want to refresh yourself and get some bath, they have spas in Bangkok that have jacuzzi and baths. Take a warm bath first and let them finish the whole experience with a Thai massage.

Time to Party!!!

If you are into partying, well Bangkok can give you that. You should visit Royal City Avenue to choose which club suites your personality. Yes, they have clubs there for every personalities and preferences. We’ll sure you enjoy an electrifying night in RCA. Just don’t party too much because the transportation is not easy. You’ll have to take a motorcycle to get back to your hotel. So make sure that your head is still intact after the party. Remember that hangover is not a good thing to have whenever you are traveling a city for a short period of time.


Where To Eat in Bangkok

Thip Samai

 313 Th Maha Chai, Banglamphu

Have you tried Thai’s favorite called Pad Thai? Well, you can get it here. Thip Samai has several branches scattered throught out the city of Bangkok, Thailand. It’s like a fast food but not fast. I know your confused but just try their food there. The service was nice and they offer wide variety of Thai dishes. Bangkok is one of the busiest city in Thailand, and many visitors are coming to this restaurant so make sure you’re not that hungry because you may have to wait a little bit. But the wait is worth it when they serve you freshly made dishes that you’ll surely enjoy!

Somtum Der

5/5 Sala Daeng Road, Silom

Do you want something cozy? Bangkok is filled with street vendors and restaurants offering authentic Thai food but if you want something cozy and different, you can visit Somtum Der. It has the New Yorker kind of vibe and has good facilities if you have a thing for that when you visit restaurants. Surprisingly, the prices are affordable when you consider the atmosphere of the place and the quality of the food in the menu.


or known as Bangkok’s China Town, Yaowarat Street

Don’t worry because you can ask anyone and they’ll sure know where the directions to Yaowarat, Bangkok’s version of Chinatown. And once you get there, you can right away smell the difference. Food is in the air. There are food everywhere which makes it so difficult to choose. The dishes are mixtures of Thai and Chinese cuisines, you can find dimsums, stews, curry, noodles, stir-fried, deep fried, and so on. Just try to get small portions to taste and experience all the dishes there.


 4-6 Soi Saladang, Silom Road

Bangrak is a restaurant located in the heart of Silom. It’s one our favorites among the list of hundreds of restaurants in Bankok. The place is entertaining and offers other activities aside from dining. They have art exhibitions and band performances. Bangrak is a good place to be tipsy because they serve alcohol beverages with touch of Thai favorite beverages. You don’t want to miss their wings and red curry, they are the best!

The List Continues…

Did we miss anything in our list? We’ll love to know. Please subscribe to get the latest updates about Thai cooking and send us an email if you have suggestions, so we can add and feature them here. Bangkok is a great place to visit with so many things to do. Our one week stay in Bangkok seems so short to discover all the things you can do here.We will later on add some fun and enjoyable things you can do while you are visiting this exotic city, so subscribe.

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