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Thai are experts in cooking the perfect stir-fried vegetables,you’ll get the crunchiness and the sauciness of the dish. But you’ll be surprised how simple and basic their cooking methods are. Thai cooking is no longer a secret because we will uncover how they make the best curries, stir-fried, and many more. As promised, we will make you experts so you can serve your family the best and healthiest dishes from Thailand.


Grilling is the best for meats and seafoods. It is one of the most familiar cooking method the whole world is using, so this must be easy for you. The smoky flavor adds to the exotic taste of every dish.

The Thai way: They love to use leaves in grilling. They envelope the meat with banana or pandan leaves because it smells great and prevents the meat from being overcooked.


We love their version of stir-fried food. We would say that Thai are the best when it comes to stir-frying because every ingredients are adequately cooked and are very tasty. They don’t simply put the ingredients in a wok, they use science and exert time and effort to come up with the best stir-fried.

The Thai way: Thai would separate the ingredients and categorize them by identifying how much time needed to adequately cook each ingredients. First they will cook the meat and sauce and set them aside. Then, they’ll start stir-frying the vegetables beginning from the hardest to the softest. Once ingredients are medium cooked, they’ll add the meat and sauce and mix it the Thai way. Easy!


Soups and stews won’t happen without boiling. It’s a basic method of cooking and Thai use this method as well. We like our beef and meet to be tender while their juices mix with the soup making it very tasty. You can have a runny or thick and/or creamy soup. So how Thai do it differently? Here’s how:

The Thai way: Traditional Thai stews and curries need time. They don’t use pressure cooker, they rather use a clay or a metal pot as a boiling tool. To achieve the tenderness of the meat and the richness of the soup, they use the low heat method. Again, this requires time. Thai people believe that pressuring the meat will rip out the flavor and adding the spices too early will only diminish the intensity of the flavors so they wait until the meat is tender and that’s the time they add the spices. 

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