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Rich History of Thai Cuisine

Thailand has a rich history that cultivated their traditions, beliefs, customs, and its people. No doubt that their food is a product of their rich history. Each families keep recipes that symbolizes their clan. These recipes were served in special occasions and events to showcase the wealth and success of the members of the family. It works like a trademark and whenever other families cook the same dish, they always give credit to the original makers of that particular dish. It’s what they called “clan’s specialty”. Thai people know the value of being authentic or “original”, this has contributed for ┬ámothers to be more adventurous in cooking, adding more spices, adding unknown ingredients, and trying other methods of cooking. They all want to create recipes that will be known to everyone, so that through that dish, their family will be known as well.

Love for Cooking and Health

They value their food and the process of cooking for each dishes, they respect tradition so much that it translate to their food. They believe that the process of cooking greatly affects the taste and success of each dish. They are very particular in using fresh herbs instead of using the dried ones. They believe that more flavor comes if the ingredients are fresh. Thai people also are strong believers of using herbs to cure sickness. You’ll probably taste the mixture of unique herbs and spices whenever you eat Thai food. They believe that the food they put on the table should not only taste delicious but also healthy.

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