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Thai Kitchen Herbs and Spices Essentials

You’ll know you’re eating Thai food when the dish is bursting flavor and spices. That’s the fundamental of Thai cuisine, the mixture of different herbs and spices to form an exciting dish. Thai won’t settle only for one spice, they’ll use 3 to 4 strong spices or even more. These are the common herb and spices Thai use everyday when cooking for their family. Enjoy the list!


English name: Star Anise
Commonly used in soups and stews, has strong flavor and 1 flower can be enough for the whole casserole.


English name: Shallots
They chop and/or pound shallots to complement curry pastes for added flavor. They also like to eat it raw when added to salads.


English name: Thai Basil
Thai Basil is heavily used in Thai dishes. It has distinct and stronger taste compared to Holy Basil.


English name: Lemongrass
Lemongrass is Tom yum’s main ingredient. Thai use it to give their food aromatic scent and to make it more appetizing.


English name: Galangal
Commonly used in soups with fish. Thai use Galangal for dishes involving fish to reduce the fishy flavor and give it a nice appetizing scent.


English name: Coriander Root
Thai like to use Coriander root because it has stronger flavor than the leaves. They use it as a garnish and as a seasoning.


English name: Cinnamon
They use Cinnamon to give a little sweet twist on their dishes. Cinnamon is part of the Chinese five spices which Thai people has been using for centuries.


English name: Bay Leaves
Thai love to use bay leaves in their curry to give it a balanced taste.


English name: Cumin
This vibrant yellow spice complements both chicken and crab curry. These curries won’t be complete without Cumin.

There you have them. Don’t forget about the mustard powder in your curry, its one of the the Thai kitchen essentials too. They are healthy and full of flavor. There will be upcoming posts about the health benefits you can get from these exciting spices. Don’t forget to subscribe. 

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